Nate C. Roberts, booking and promotions director for Live Live Productions added, “It was nice to see a community rally around a symbol, no matter what its interpretation.”

What are the rights of a neighborhood in representing themselves in a public fashion? What right does the city have to dictate the aesthetics of a neighborhood?

“I think it has added charm and character back to a neighborhood that has been whitewashed,” said Dominick Vanacore, owner of Dominick’s on the corner of Wall and North Front streets. “It’s something to be expected in an eclectic and artsy neighborhood.”

Some claim business has been picking up in the Stockade District, with visitors coming in search of the red goats. One supporter thought visitors had been moved to laughter by the whimsy of something so simple as a bunch of errant goats lined around planters causing such a reaction.

“Let’s assign design by artists and complement this artistic and historic neighborhood,” Rita Vanacore suggested. “In Saugerties they have beautiful birdhouses on the street. In Catskill, they have their cats. Hudson has its dogs. Why can’t we have our red goats?”