The problems of Midtown vexed mayors long before T.R. Gallo but seemed to accelerate during Sottile’s terms, despite official crime statistics that showed a decline in violence. He says the city needs to keep pressure on the criminal elements, and deal with housing issues, both main planks in Shayne Gallo’s platform.

Legacy: He tried his best

Sottile’s plans for the future are fluid, he says. He’ll be around to advise Gallo, if he asks. He holds licenses in insurance and real estate. A former state worker, his pension after 32 years in the system, will approach $50,000 a year, he said. His wife, Marybeth, is a teacher in the Rondout Valley school system.

His legacy?

“I hope I’m remembered as somebody who tried to do my very best to help people, someone committed to the less fortunate, someone who understood the needs of people when they don’t have a house, someone who tried to pay attention to detail tat everyone is entitled to the same service, someone who loves this community.”