“To be honest with you, I have never really blown a forecast,” says Marra, who said he doesn’t get too much flak from fans over his predictions. “I have been pretty accurate. I don’t hype storms, I just give [a] heads-up. I go out of my way that I am clearly stating to people that I am not sure, but every day I keep them up to date on it. There is not one day when I mention a storm and then days later I drop it, and don’t mention it. If a storm I am tracking moves away, then I say that. I don’t just let it go. So there is no reason that anyone would get mad at me like they were expecting a storm that didn’t happen.”

Marra swears he is a typicalHudsonValleyresident, albeit one with an interesting hobby. “I’m really not a nerd,” says Marra. “I’m an average guy who’s just really into the weather.”

Marra is an outdoor enthusiast who makes the best of every weather extreme. He hikes, camps, kayaks, climbs rocks and even skydives. The number “3500” etched in dust on the side of Marra’s Jeep refers to his membership in the 3500 Club, an elite group of hikers who have climbed each of the 35 highest peaks in the Catskills.

Joe Lepine, Marra’s best friend from childhood, says that Marra was always a weather-techie. “[When we were kids], he had his dad install a Darwin home weather center, and his dad had to screw in a satellite dish of some kind into the top of their house with a touch panel. This is back in the Nineties, and he used it all the time … [Marra] was always passionate about the weather. As kids we would make fun of him about it all the time.”

Fans reach out to Marra throughout the day to inquire about travel, outdoor events, drives and more. At one point, Hudson Valley Weather was tagged in a post by a town canceling its outdoor event, citing his forecast.

All part of the cycle

Global warming? “I’m not fooled by it,” says Marra, who explains that what he observes is a function of global cyclical patterns and changes. Changes due to the earth’s natural cycles are not impacted by human-made carbon emissions as most scientists believe, he says.